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"The power of seeing leaders, parents and grandparents embracing technology
for students who are now required to do the same to be successful in the 21st century
cannot be overstated"

Testimonials for a Computer Basics Class
for Parents and Grandparents (Ages 45+)

Here is a list of your testimonials

Alexzine Fortier

"I have learned so much.
The instructors were
knowledgeable and very patient.
I enjoyed this class very much."

Computer Basics Class (45+)

Gwen Lazare

"The one thing I liked about
the class was the patience
of the teachers. They were
the best help."


Computer Basics Class (45+)

Geraldine Paul

"You all took your time
with us and explained
things very well."


Computer Basics Class (45+)

Frank Martin

"The instructors explained
the subject manner in a way
that you could understand.
I liked the excellent help
given in this class."


Computer Basics Class (45+)

Joycelyn Martin

"The course material
was excellent. Overall
I would rate the class
as a once in a lifetime
opportunity. "


Computer Basics Class (45+)

Ophelia Thompson

"I liked the attitude,
calmness and patience
of both instructors."


Computer Basics Class (45+)

Sarah Comeaux

"One thing I really
liked was knowing
that my classmates
were as eager as
I was to learn."


Computer Basics Class (45+)

Shirley Pipkins

"I enjoyed this
class very much.
The instructors were
very patient."


Computer Basics Class (45+)